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Sensitive Tooth Powder

Sensitive Tooth Powder

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Minty Fresh + Remineralizing

Goodbye toothpaste. Hello Tooth Powder. We’ve partnered with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen to create a new sensitive version of our popular remineralizing tooth powder that can help strengthen your teeth while helping with sensitvity! Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral that makes up our bones and teeth. It makes up over 90% of the foundation of your tooth’s enamel. This tooth powder is packed full of specially chosen ingredients like:

  • Hydroxyapatite, the mineral that makes up enamel used to remineralize your teeth and reduce sensitivity
  • Arginine Bicarbonate, an amino acid from plants that has been found to have oral health benefits, including reducing sensitivity in teeth.  
  • Essential oils to help battle gum disease and add a minty taste for fresh breath
  • Xylitol to kill the bad bacteria in the mouth, but leave the good bacteria alone

Safe for children over 2 years old who spit out their toothpaste. A 2 oz jar lasts about 2 months with twice-daily usage from one person.

Who Should Use the Sensitive Tooth Powder? 

Those with extra sensitive teeth! Our Remineralizing and Whitening Tooth Powders are both great options for those with sensitive teeth and gums. With arginine bicarbonate as its main ingredient, however, Sensitive Tooth Powder offers an extra layer of technology to seal dentinal tubules, reducing teeth sensitivity with the added benefit of remineralizing.

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