Hair Analysis

What it tests for

Only 4 hair follicles are used to test...

Nutrients (minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, aminos, antioxidants).
Environmental toxins (metals, radiation, chemicals).
Resistance indicators (parasite, mold, fungus, bacteria, virus).
EMF levels
Trigger foods
Trigger additives


    Hair Analysis Kit + DNA Kit

    Want to really get a handle on your health? Doing a one-time DNA test to check what co-factors are happening behind the scenes is an essential part of understanding your epigenetics.
    This DNA test isn't testing your country of origin. This is about finding your base metabolism and understanding those genes you got from mom and dad.
    Epigenetic testing is showing you how that DNA has changed over the years from your diet and environment.
    When you couple DNA and epigenetic testing together, we find a more complete profile of who you are healthwise and can give you more of a comprehensive protocol.

  • Hair Analysis - In Office

    Rachel's office is located in Draper, UT, so if you are able to meet with her in person book this option.

    It is a 1 hour appointment that involves testing your hair, discussing health history, answering any questions you have, going over 30 page results, and receiving a protocol/next steps/product advice.

  • Hair Analysis - Mail In Kit (FULL)

    If you live outside of Northern Utah and are not able to meet in person for a Hair Analysis appointment, please fill out the order form below to purchase an in-home kit. Once the sample is analyzed, Rachel will reach out to connect with you through a virtual appointment to review the results, discuss health history, answer any questions and construct a 90-day protocol.

  • Hair Analysis - Mail In Kit (HALF)

    If you live outside of Northern Utah and are not able to meet in person for a Hair Analysis appointment and for whatever reason want the quick version, please fill out the order form below to purchase an in-home kit. Once the sample is analyzed, Rachel will email you the report along with instructions and protocol. This will be the only interaction with her, but you will receive what you need to understand your results and move forward with the protocol.


How it works

Epigenetic Hair Analysis is the process of using someone's hair to understand internally what is happening with someone's body. Your hair can hold 90 days of your body's memory.

All that happens is a few hair follicles will be pulled from the back of the crown of the head, test them in a special machine, and get back results. Super easy with no pain... that is my kind of test!


What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence

How do I know if I need a Hair Analysis?

If any of these apply to you...

Trouble falling asleep, Acne, Skin disruptions/Rashes, Auto-Immune diseases ,Trouble losing weight, Trouble gaining weight, Over or under active thyroid , Family history of cancer, Heart issues, IBS, Cold all the time, Tired all the time, Lost of emotional trauma, Addiction, Extreme PMS, On birth control, Hair loss, Headaches, GI distress/Bloated, Hormone roller coaster, Heartburn, Indigestion, Minimum progress at gym, Itchy skin or crawling skin, Nausea, Don't want to eat, Eating all the time, Brain fog, Nail fungus, Dizziness, Sensitive to smells, Irritable, Unmotivated, Not feeling 100% 

Who can get a Hair Analysis?

Anyone above the age of 1

Can I get a Hair Analysis if I have dyed hair?

Yes you can! The hair dye doesn't affect the hair follicle.

Can I get a Hair Analysis if pregnant or nursing?

Yes totally! It actually is helpful so you know how your body is acting differently with the pregnancy or post partum changes. You can know what foods, supplements, etc you should be specifically taking for you.

Why choose this over a blood test?

Your blood work is defined by the circulatory system which doesn't hold much memory as it is always changing, where a Hair Analysis can hold 90 days of memory and can test all systems in your body. So you get more results and it is a lot less painful especially if you hate needles.

How often should I get a Hair Analysis?

Typically you want to get tested every 90 days as your hair follicles hold that amount of memory so it changes about that time. You can really do them every three months for as long as you feel you need to or your body is at a clear and stable state shown through the results.