#1 Q: Can I return my product? A: All product sales are FINAL 

#2 Q: Do you ship internationally? A: Unfortunately we don't at this time

#3 Q: How can I ask a question? A: You can email us at support@luosdekan.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

#4 Q: Where can I find more education about the products listed? A: Follow along on social media 

Instagram: @epigenetic.hair.analysis

Facebook: @ facebook.com/epigenetichairanalysis

Tik Tok: @rachelellenani

#5 Q: How do I get a Hair Analysis done? A: Go to the "Hair Analysis" tab on the home page and it will give you all needed information 

#6 Q: What does creating an account do? A: If you create an account then you will have access to all your order history and information will be saved for next time you shop the website. 

#7 If you don't see a product that you love and fits our standards, please reach out, and we will look into working with them.