What is LuosDekan all about?

LuosDekan is about looking in the mirror and asking...

"What do I need? What does my body need? What does my mind need? What does my Soul need?"

Our purpose is to provide products that are nourishing, bioavailable, and Practitioner tested in one place.
When you shop with us, you are buying the highest quality products currently in the industry.

Have you heard of a HAIR ANALYSIS?

You maybe have heard of stool or a blood test before? A hair analysis is similar but is less painful, messy and gives you way more health info. You can get results back in 15 minutes! Your receive a 30 page packet of detailed results, a personal health protocol from Rachel, full medical information, freedom to ask all the questions, and to be feeling your best self!

  • -- Caty --

    "Day 2 of parasite cleanse and it's working! I am sooooooo thankful I found you via instagram. What a blessing it is to be able to have a community through social media. I had a feeling but now I have a confirmation without any testing. You have made a difference in my health and I am forever grateful."

  • -- Danielle M --

    "8 years WOW!!! You are the real deal! I just want to truly thank you for answering my question and giving me the time of day, so much appreciation for you. And your content and knowledge you share! Blows my mind and I just want to absorb all of it hahah. Keep it coming."

  • -- Lisa R --

    "I had a hair analysis done and wow my internal health was messed up and I had no idea! Using some of these products helped me cleanse and get back to a good healthy routine and create better habits."

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