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Meet our Health Practitioner Rachel!  


Hey I'm Rachel Ellenani :) 

I grew up with less fortune in Central Florida in a big family. At a young age, I learned how to live off the land, growing and preserving food constantly. When I got older, I began to realize what an important role that has played in my life.

I became a trainer before my 20s, but my first child at 24 was my biggest teacher. He had eczema and reflux within weeks after birth. I had an epiphany while in a doctor's office with my baby. I drove home and changed my family's diet, our lifestyle, and our environment to rid us of the toxins that were causing so many issues in our home.

I studied daily to learn everything I could about the human body and the mind.
I became a Holistic Practitioner and started coaching clients in a whole new way.
I also became a nutritionist and energy healer.

My passion lies with helping clients 1 on 1. Understanding where they want to be and what they want to achieve drives me to find the personalized solutions they need.

Epigentic Hair Analysis, lifestyle configuration, well formulated detoxes and clean supplementation are the power tools I use for helping others build their own health.

The joy of my career is when clients accomplish their goals.

I'm excited to help you learn more about health and find products that work for you.