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Zuma Nutrition

Organic Shampoo

Organic Shampoo

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  • Supports A Healthy Scalp Microbiome
  • Promotes Vibrant Healthy Looking Hair and Scalp
  • Moisturizes, Nourishes, and Revitalizes Hair
  • Organic, Non-Toxic and Hypoallergenic Ingredients
  • Contains Anti-Fungal Properties for the Hair and Scalp
  • Rich in Plant-Based Antioxidants
  • Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly

Toxic chemicals and harsh cleaning agents found in most common shampoos strip your scalp of beneficial microbes.

As a result, harmful bacteria and fungi are able to take over. Not only can this affect the scalp’s ability to provide nutrients to hair, it can lead to nasty hair conditions like dandruff, oily hair, and even hair loss.

Our Organic Shampoo is a science-backed formula that removes dirt, bacteria and impurities from hair without stripping the scalp or exposing it to harsh chemicals. It also nourishes the skin with plant-based nutrients and antioxidants and restores balance in the scalp microbiome with benef icial probiotics and enzymes. Together, these ingredients create clean, hydrated hair and a healthy ecosystem in the scalp microbiome.

Our Organic Shampoo contains a carefully crafted blend of exotic fruits, soap nuts, artesian spring waterand herbal ingredients.

This fortifying scalp shampoo nourishes and hydrates the hair and scalp, removes built up bacteria, strengthens hair follicles, and helps hair look more full and thick. It also includes several strains of naturally-fermented probiotics and enzymes to support a thriving scalp microbiome.

*If you have color treated hair or a naturally light hair color please consult your hair stylist before using our product. This formula contains natural ingredients that do not contain synthetics often used in color safe products. If you do want to use this product, please test on a small area of your hair before using.

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