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Nu Cell

Nu Cell

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Nu Cell offers an ideal solution to those who want increased performance. This liquid formula provides the human body with the exact components it needs to effect its own repairs efficiently and sustainably. This is the key to extending one’s productive and enjoyable years.


What do nucleic acids have do with life extension and improved performance? Nucleic acids are the building blocks of DNA, the long chains of body-forming instructions. Nucleic acids are also the building blocks of RNA (ribonucleic acid), which acts as messengers that instruct the cells on how to synthesize the exact proteins needed for growth and repair. It is through this process that a human body can be grown from a single cell.

If the body does not produce enough nucleic acids to maintain production of healthy DNA and RNA, protein synthesis is diminished, resulting in a myriad of issues, corresponding closely to the process of aging. Providing an ideal quantity of nucleic acids improves the ability of the body to produce healthy DNA and RNA.

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