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Medicinal Foods

Cacao Elixir Cacao Powder 6 oz.

Cacao Elixir Cacao Powder 6 oz.

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  •  superfood mix to BOOST you on your quest for health!
  • This energizing blend can replace coffee, or be added, to make an iced or hot mocha.
  • This morning boost of superfoods can give you sustained energy for your whole day!
  • Our blend is packed with nutrient dense superfoods and adaptogenic herbs.
  • Helps to curb your appetite, thus a cup a day may help you shed extra pounds.
  • Mixes to make a great chia seed pudding for meal replacement / gentle colon cleanser.

Cacao contains more phenolic antioxidants than most foods; it contains flavonoids, including catechin, epicatechin, and procyanidins predominate in antioxidant activity. []

We added the premier adaptogen Ashwagandha (or Indian Gensing) to the Cacao and these three MAOi’s inhibit the breakdown of the triptamines in the git allowing for an up to 1000 fold increase in neurotransmitter production.

The result offers a calm, energized adaptogenic energy with a boost in heightened awareness that keeps me going without a crash. The neurotransmitter boost is palpable and one of the main reasons people keep coming back for more.

Indigenous Maya and Aztec cacao shamans would mix their medicinal plant medicines into
their ceremonial Cacao Elixir. Mucuna was often used, the plant highest in L-DOPA (15%6), as an "anti-stimulant" to balance the cacao, opening the heart and mind.

That’s why Cacao Elixir is great to give to kids if they want a treat at night becasue it won't wind them up and they can go to sleep easily.

Raw chocolate naturally contains Anandamide, the Bliss chemical and PEA, the Love chemical. So enjoyable! Treat yourself!

Treat yourself to medicinal foods, experience medicinal vibes

And did you know raw cacao powder contains more Magnesium and Zinc than any other food!?

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