All About Hair Analysis

Do any of the following apply to you?

Trouble falling asleep, Acne, Skin disruptions/Rashes, Auto-Immune diseases ,Trouble losing weight, Trouble gaining weight, Over or under active thyroid , Family history of cancer, Heart issues, IBS, Cold all the time, Tired all the time, Lost of emotional trauma, Addiction, Extreme PMS, On birth control, Hair loss, Headaches, GI distress/Bloated, Hormone roller coaster, Heartburn, Indigestion, Minimum progress at gym, Itchy skin or crawling skin, Nausea, Don't want to eat, Eating all the time, Brain fog, Nail fungus, Dizziness, Sensitive to smells, Irritable, Unmotivated , Not feeling 100% If so then Practitioner Rachel is here to help!

Not sure where to start? Start with a Hair Analysis!

What is a Hair Analysis?

Epigenetic Hair Analysis is the process of using someone's hair to understand internally what is happening with someone's body. Your hair can hold 90 days of your body's memory.

Just 4 hair follicles are needed to test all nutrients (minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, aminos, antioxidants).
Environmental toxins (metals, radiation, chemicals).
Resistance indicators (parasite, mold, fungus, bacteria, virus).
EMF levels
Trigger foods
Trigger additives

Anyone from the age of 1+ can participate in a hair analysis.

How to book appointment (in person)

Rachel's office is located in Draper, UT, so if you are able to meet with her in person use the link to see her availability and type of appointment options.

How to book appointment (remote)

If you live out of state and are not able to meet in person for a Hair Analysis appointment, feel free to fill out the order form below to purchase an in home kit to send back to Rachel which she will then assess and give you the results through email and digital video call.